Hello, my name is Shaun Taylor

AKA Nytfury.

I was introduced to the world of drone racing in the summer of 2015. My buddy Sean Stanford told me about quadcopters and showed me a few videos on youtube. When I saw a video of quadcopters flying through the forest, I just lost my mind. I did not know exactly what it was all about, but I knew I needed it in my life. 

I was working as a firefighter at the time, and spent most of my spare time in the drag car racing scene. Now, I have given it all up for drone racing. I sold my cars and quit my job so I can fly drones 24/7. When I am not flying, I am thinking about it, and when I am not thinking about it, I am dreaming about it. I do not know what the future holds, but I am not afraid. Win or lose, no regrets! My motto has been and always will be: on to the next race!